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Creating a dope-free environment and promoting fair play in sports in India

Credible. Visible. Inclusive.

NADA India works independently making what we do trustworthy. We work for all athletes, no matter their sport, affiliations or specialisations. For us, all athletes are the same. Our work is to promote fair play and the sporting ecosystem and can be accessed by all . 

What We Do

NADA India implements the anti-doping programme in India, in line with the World Anti-doping Code 2021. It works in close collaboration with the sport ecosystem to create a dope-free sporting environment in the country.

Accordion Content

Collecting samples for dope analysis

Educating athletes, ASP and other stakeholders on anti-doping matters.

Managing results of anti-doping rule violations committed by athletes, ASP and other person.

Gathering intelligence and carrying out investigations for any doping related misconduct

Collaborating with international stakeholders to augment clean sport practices

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How We Do It

NADA India collaborates with WADA and other national anti-doping organizations to strengthen clean sporting practices, contribute to evolving the guidelines and ensure athletes can compete on a level playing field across the world.Sarkari Result

NADA India works in close collaboration with national and international stakeholders to ensure clean sport practices, sharing anti-doping resources and augmenting joint efforts towards achieving fair play.

Our knowledge partnerships with WADA, iNADO, AIU, ITA, RADO’s and NADO’s provide a strong foundation for innovation, research and development in the field of anti-doping.






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