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Anti Doping Appeal Panel

DISCLAIMER:– Orders uploaded in the Website will be only available for the period of 1 Month or till the duration of their ineligibility period from their “Date of Decision” (in accordance with Article 14.3.5 of NADA Rules 2021).

The sanction list does not display any data that is more than 10 years old to maintain the privacy of personal information of athletes.

Name of
Sports person
Sport/EventName of Prohibited Drug/Anti-Doping Rule ViolationDate of DecisionPeriod and Commencement of IneligibilityDownload
Ms. Seema BislaWrestling

Article 2.4

08.04.202401 Years ineligibility w.e.f.
12.05.2023(ADDP Decision
Mr. Pankaj MukhejaShooting

P1.Beta-blockers / Propranolol

08.04.20242 Years Ineligibility w.e.f.
(ADDP Decision upheld)

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